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23. juna 2017.
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22. januara 2019.

Working with PLUR Canada I often have the pleasure to work with organizations, businesses and individuals whose projects are personally very attractive to me and which I also support privately, unrelated to the business relationship. This is the case also this time, with the latest site I created, for Grown Here Farms.

Grown Here Farms is an organization that specializes in organic food, and this applies in a broader form. They also present unique recipes from their raw materials on their site, deal with ecological education (eg how to reduce carbon footprint), and in their offer have their own end products such as hand-made jams – which, due to their composition and taste, in my homeland Vojvodina, would probably be considered somewhat eccentric 🙂

The service we provided in this case is wider than usual, and of course it is complete. GHF previously owned a site created on one of the more rarely used and simple HTML CMS platforms that do not have widespread support and which is very difficult to migrate from one to the other hosting, but they are satisfied with the look of that site and are proud of its content. For this reason, it was necessary to do scraping the previous content, then make a WP site by the given design (from scratch, so called because the system does not use predefined layout has already been created in some WP theme). Complete content was saved, including all the posts and dates on which they were published. The functionality was needed to be customized for the site’s existing site user habits, for example, the store got the Quick View option because on the old site only such an ordering option existed. The pages have mutually different Hero-images headers, which is an essential aesthetic requirement that is not common in WP. Of course, the benefits that WordPress brings with them are not thrown into the wind, so the site is though renovated and enriched with some new features.

The site also received security features, and part of PLUR in charge of SEO is doing its job as the final glaze necessary for the market success of the site.

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