About me

I am Markov Obren, senior WordPress developer.

Over the years, I have mainly been working on WordPress/PHP web sites, its themes and plugins. Formally educated as a mathematician/IT at the University of Novi Sad, besides experience in programming, I have gained experience in graphics and pre-press (PhotoShop, Corel, QUarkXPress). One of my goals is to keep developing professionally, and thats why I’m active member of the IT community; part of this is that I am the founder and the editor of the WordPress Babylon, professionally oriented Facebook page.

My current position is Head of International Web Development @ Plur Canada. Besides that I occasionally work directly with my clients.

Of course, at any time you are welcome to look at my LinkedIn profile.

My main interest is how WordPress, a complex and somewhat obstinate platform produced by thousands of developers, can be utilized to best serve the clients. Thanks to that, I have gained a vast experience in customizing web sites and plugins, creating child themes, improving existing and designing new functions, optimizing. I have learnt to find solutions for various issues my web sites, and web sites developed by others, have encountered; I am familiar with the needs of e-commerce sites users (WooCommerce, EDD), the best ways for the development membership sites, affiliate sites, multilingual sites, and various types of blogs; essentially, I have mastered skills and knowledge obtainable only through practice.

Proud to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, I work alongside the users to find the best possible solution for issues they encounter, and then carry that solution into effect. Constantly striving to provide the best services possible, and always keeping the best interest of my clients in mind, I offer affordable, acceptable, and cost-effective prices for my services. My prices are flexible, as I am more than willing to meet my clients’ needs.

If you need a new high quality and modern website, or maybe help with the old one – please feel free to contact me.