Websites & campaigns

Regular and blog web sites - HTML and WordPress at their best; Multilingual, Membership, Affiliate web sites...

Facebook pages and custom designed campaigns.

Your business partners and your customers will appreciate the professional appearance.

Internet shops

Would you like to sell your product online?

First class design, easy maintenance. All options are available, from the web catalogues to accepting payments securely online.

Support for your partnership with eBay and Amazon.

Windows applications

Standard Windows desktop applications for Delphi (Visual Pascal) or Excel upgrade through VBA.

Expert system need analysis and software development.

For individual users or computer networks.

DOS :: Clipper

Database development in good, old DOS: xBase, Clipper, FoxBASE...

Computer network compatible.

Over 25 years of experience in software development!

Successfully combining the art of programming with the art of modern design


My services can be contracted directly or through Upwork service. Direct payments can be made through Payoneer, PayPal, MoneyGram, WU or a bank transfer.

It's up to your dicesion.


Although I reside in Novi Sad (Vojvodina, Serbia), modern means of internet communication makes it irrelevant. Whichever part of the world you come from, I can create customized websites or applications that meet your demands.
Should you be interested in what I have to offer, or would only like to consult with me, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form on this site.


...people I am proud to call friends, unbelievably talented Maja Tomas, who managed to find beauty in my physique through her lense, and Branko Rajčević, whose eye discovers aesthetic wonders of urban life on asphalt. I am most grateful to them for letting me use their photos to make this presentation better.

And because they breathed the soul of this website.


28. September 2017.

How Will WordPress Be Built in the Future?

On September 14, 2017, however, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announced a move away from React, largely prompted by a post by Facebook (the creators of React) announcing that React would be a licensed (and no longer an open-source) project going forward. React was a fundamental part of the latest rewrite of,
21. December 2016.

IT Jobs Explained With A Broken Lightbulb

Do you know what “frontend” really does? Or “ops”? How about “leadgen”?Well, this comic should clear things up. It’s totally accurate, too.
25. November 2016.

How to Design a Profitable Landing Page

Good design of a Landing Page (LP) is not just about the emotions you experience when looking at it – it’s actually a much wider concept and the main goal of it is to solve business tasks. Unfortunately, many novice marketers and businessmen make a common mistake and set wrong priorities when designing an LP.